I’m pretty sure God is a coffee drinker.

The walk to the coffee pot was nothing out of the ordinary. Finding half a pot ready to go – normal. The choice of using the available powdered industrial creamer and sugar was nothing remarkable. I just wanted coffee.

But as I poured it I noticed something horribly wrong. The powdered creamer was clumping, not dissolving. Yep. Room temperature coffee. The hot plate had timed out. Turned off. Then it just…sat. Not hot. Barely warm. Blech.

That’s when it hit me that God has to be a coffee drinker. Hot coffee is great. Cold coffee is great. Whichever you prefer, at least you know what you’re getting. Room temperature? [Insert spitting and/or gagging sound effects here.]

I know the analogy falls apart because in scripture the hot equates to being for God and cold equates to being against God. But for me, in this coffee making lesson, I keep getting stuck in the middle. I keep thinking about the room temperature, the luke warm, that which is not as it should be, or could be. Those areas that aren’t paid attention to. The ones that are just left to…sit.

In my heart.
In my soul.
In my family.
At work.
At play.

So that’s what I’m thinking about as I sip. What do you think?



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