#SexyBack11 Challenge Update aka “It ain’t pretty, folks…”

Here’s the thing: This update isn’t much of an update which is exactly why I haven’t posted…

On June 30th I laid out the challenge and my goals. Missed that? Click here: SexyBack11 Challenge

Here’s the progress. Or lack thereof.

1) Establish and maintain healthy eating habits: I’m actually continuing to do well with this. Obviously I trip up from time to time, but overall I feel successful with this one so far.

2) Lose 5 pounds: Nope. Down 3. Up 2. Down 1. Up 2. I don’t get it. I’ll keep monitoring…

3) Reactivate by running again: Yes and no. Mostly no. My morning walks with the dog (Daisy) have definitely picked up in length and intensity, but since that run on the beach… zilch, nothing, nada. I have to take ownership on this one and make it happen.

4) Reactivate, part 2 by doing push-ups: How does NO sound? Accurate. I did ok for maybe a week. Then that “ker-plunk, bing, bang, splat” you heard was me falling off the wagon.

I basically have until Labor Day. That’s the ballpark.

We’ll call it a month but it’s really more like 20 – 25 days or so. Goals 1, 3, and 4 are TOTALLY within my control. This is frustrating.

What goals are you struggling with?


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