7 Things

Our son had an interesting homework assignment during his first week of school: Bring in 7 things that each tell us something about you. What items did our first grader take in? In no special order…

1) A person from a Lego set.
2) A dinosaur.
3) A Baltimore Ravens magnet.
4) A mouse for the computer.
5) A picture of our dog Daisy.
6) A picture of our cat Oreo.
7) A picture of the beach.

My seven? (Assuming I got invited to first grade). Also in no order whatsoever…

1) A coffee mug.
2) Flip flops.
3) A picture of Michelle and TheBoys.
4) A dvd/blue ray player.
5) My BlackBerry.
6) Some sea shells we collected.
7) Old Bay. Or maybe a freshly steamed crab. Depends how much I was going to have to wait for my turn.

What about you? What are 7 things that would tell us a little more about you?


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