#SexyBack11 Challange, The Last Straw

Well, Labor Day came and went…laboriously. How’d I do? Let’s chat, shall we?

I had four little, tiny goals. Lose 5 pounds, run a 5k consistently, 100 push ups per day, and eat like a human instead of a beast with an alien thing living inside me.

How does “no” sit with you?

Running and push ups…didn’t happen. Please hold. We’ll circle back.

I did lose 3 pounds. Then gain it. Then lose 2. Then gain it. You see the pattern. I learned that until I get consistent with exercise this will be my pattern. Wait for it…

The eating thing – proud of that. I feel like I keep making better and better choices regarding what, how much, and when. Win.

Aaaaand here we are. Exercise. This challenge really made clear to me that until I am able to take my foot off the gas in some personal matters and free up some time and energy this is just something beyond my capacity at this time.

What next? Celebrate the exercise I do get: hikes with the fam, running around/wrestling with TheBoys, working in the yard, walking the dog, etc. Taking some pressure off myself in this area might give me the extra umph (yep. said it.) to finish what I need to and free up exercise time/energy. That’s the plan anyway. That and to just never say never. Any exercise, even inconsistent, is better than none.

That’s my story regarding the SexyBack11 Challenge. What’s yours?



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2 responses to “#SexyBack11 Challange, The Last Straw

  1. Running a 10K on Sat. Down to 195-6 from 207.

    Coming over to go running w ya brother! #getready

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