We Need More Monsters

Monsters get a bad rap sometimes. I think we need more of them, actually.

Monsters…animals…are basic. Blunt. Focused. When they have something in their sights, when something has their attention, they act. There is no pause. Hesitation is not understood. Consequences? Irrelevant. Whether defending or attacking a monster is fully engaged. All in. Everything. To. The. End.

Why do we need more monsters? We’ve become too civilized. We fear too much.

When a monster sees an adult raping a child it does not stop at reporting it to the boss. When a monster hears of an attack on a child it does not contact the board of directors and then stop. When a monster is on duty at a hotel and is asked to hold a child until her purchaser arrives it does not stick her in a corner until later. Monsters protect their young.

Monsters sound the alarm. They shout injustice from the roof tops. Fear of scandal, fear of bad press…there is no fear in a monster. Of anything. That’s a benefit of being a monster. There is right and wrong. There is what must be done to protect the young and destroy the aggressor and eliminate the threat.

This is NOT about violence.

This IS about attacking evil using all the legal tools we have at our disposal. This is NOT about witch hunts.

This IS about taking immediate and swift action the second it is necessary.

I am a husband. My wife used to be a little girl. I am a father. Our sons are little boys.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Burke) A variation of the quote ends by saying “remain silent.”

Evil is winning. We need to roar. We need to act. If we are good. If we are civilized. We need to be monsters for what is right.


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