Endless Love (it’s not what you think)

Family vacation is prime territory for harvesting ridiculous stories. Maybe it’s an event that unfolds in real time, like this, or maybe it’s just the latest update on the crazy relative we all have – it really doesn’t matter. Put enough people in a pseudo confined space for a long enough time period and wackiness will ensue. Without further introduction I give you, Endless Love:

My father-in-law and I had gone for a run. I had hit a distance I was pretty excited about so after enjoying the accolades and getting some cookies and water (what else do you have after a holiday workout) I hit the showers.

[Don’t worry. This is a family show.]

Between my in-laws and all the grandkids the selection of shampoo and soap in the shower is usually a little random but totally fine to get the job done. So the shampoo that was on hand was some sort of color protecting shampoo and conditioner combo. What do I care? Lather it up, protect my graying hair’s color, and I’m ready for soap. Soap. There has to be…good grief…well there’s always kids soap…maybe that yellow bottle of no more tears stuff…bubble bath even…anything…nope…

I kept seeing it, but ignoring it. Not today. No. Please no. There has to be another option. I felt quite masculine after completing my feat of strength, please not today.

Finally, I faced it. I looked right at it. *deep breath* In one motion I took it off the shelf, doused the wash cloth in it, and scrubbed. Rinse. Out of the shower and on my way.

Of course I used the Victoria Secret Endless Love shower gel. It’s got apple blossom, honey dew, and ylang ylang! Duh! Who doesn’t like a shower gel with ylang ylang? If your shower gel doesn’t have ylang ylang you’re probably one of those people who drinks decaf too, aren’t you? I’ll never understand you people.

What wackiness ensued during your holiday season?



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