On The Road Again

The week before Christmas I started running again after 2 years off. It’s a long story but I’m hitting the streets again so here we go.

The first step was actually putting on the shoes and running. Rumors of earthquakes and shifts in the mantle of the planet can be ignored. All is well.
Then I had to go after Stupid. I name hills. It’s a trick I do. Stupid is at a perfect turn around and it’s stupid so that’s what I call it. The next monster was cracking a mental issue I had with the distance of 3 miles. After that I had to beat Big Ugly. Done. Done. Aaaand done! I was so excited about beating Big Ugly that I dug up an old video I took a couple years ago while I was training for my first (and so far only) half marathon. Here’s a glimpse: Big Ugly

I just registered for the Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5k! That should help with some additional motivation!


I’m enjoying getting back into something that I really enjoy.

What are you up to? And if you run, are you planning on running any events coming up?


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