That. Was. NASTY!

I just got back from a run where something very, very nasty happened. This particular event hasn’t happened to me personally since sometime in the mid-80’s. I know this because I distinctly remember the mullet I had. It happened at a community soccer league practice. I remember that little tidbit because my coach’s name was "Slick". None of this is a joke. Trust and believe.

So what happened?

It wasn’t that gooberish stuff that you cough up and have to spit out.
It wasn’t the excessive running of the nose that has to be dealt with.
Oh no.
It was worse.
Let’s just say stay off the grass and on the sidewalk near the school, people.
Follow the yellow brick road.

I barfed. While running.

Michelle’s response upon hearing my tale: "There ya go! Now you’re a runner! Have you peed yourself yet? No? Well, you’re half way there!"
I love that woman.

Alright. Let’s have it.

What’s the grossest thing to happen to you during a run (or whatever form of exercise you choose)?



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2 responses to “That. Was. NASTY!

  1. Oddly enough, I don’t have any gross-ness to report while running..

    No barfing, pooing, tripping, no black toenails.. nothing. Some IT band pain.. I must be doing it wrong

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