6 days to the 5k!


Wow! In 6 days I’ll be running in my first event in over 2 years!

Excited, nervous, bummed I haven’t been training more frequently? Yes. Yes. And…um…yes.

That said, this fits in perfectly with the mindset I’ve been trying to have as it relates to running: Do what you can.

I’m in a season where some is better than none, and so…

Any night I avoid the couch and hit the streets with Daisy is a win.
Any weekend I get outside on a trail with everyone is a win.
Any week that I string one run into another and maybe even into another…win.

I find that it takes constant focus and a combination of celebrating the small accomplishments while not getting frustrated if I miss a run here and there.

Sunday, March 11th…

6 days…

What are you preparing for this week?



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2 responses to “6 days to the 5k!

  1. First 5k again.. Then the bug kicks in and you’ll rock a 10k this year..onward to a half in 2013!!!

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