BOOKsneeze Review | I Am A Follower by Leonard Sweet


I’ve felt for some time that something was missing. And it was. The art and value of following. One of the things that makes me the most uncomfortable in any setting is when someone takes something successful and alters it – not for the sake of comedy, but for the sake of cleansing. One example from when I was in high school is the Nike ad campaign of "Play Hard." All of a sudden in every Christian book store "Pray Hard" shirts were all over the place. I believe in the power of athletics and the power of prayer. I also think that this sort of imitation is the stuff of stereotypes and at the same time diminishes the power of both things…especially the imitator (in this case, prayer).

This book pulled me in very quickly and has kept my mind going the whole time. Am I really, truly following Christ or am I applying leadership concepts from the business world I’m enveloped in to my walk with the Creator of everything? It seems that I’ve been doing quite a few things backwards: following the products instead of following Christ. Sweet also makes a very important distinction: Christ asked people to follow him in a way that was inclusive – following meant to be with Him, not stay behind him a do what he said. It’s the difference between traveling the road in step with verses a caravan behind the trailblazer.

After reading this I’ve been taking a pretty hard look at my following skills and how I "lead" within various settings, especially my marriage and family. This book has opened my eyes and stretched my mind and heart. Above all, it has refocused me on my relationship with Christ by providing a different perspective and lens to view it through.


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