Me and Pete.

The last couple of years I think about Peter a lot as Easter gets closer. You know which Peter.

All may fall away, but I will never + (I tell you I don’t know the man x 3) / cock-a-doodle dooooo

I think about him a lot because we have a lot in common.

Big talk, bold words, good intentions.

Repeated bad judgement, cowardice, lies, betrayal.

I’m not bashing Peter, I’m talking about me.

I understand the feeling Peter probably had in the pit of his stomach when he heard the rooster…and understood.

When his eyes were opened and he saw himself honestly. Saw his actions correctly.

I don’t know the look in the eyes of Jesus when they saw each other.

I don’t know for sure. But I have an idea. It’s a general idea, but I’ve seen my own sets of eyes across courtyards after the roosters crow.

Peter went on to do amazing things. Jesus met him on a beach for breakfast and gave him 3 chances to proclaim his love for the Savior. Jesus made him whole.

Then. Then Peter went on to do incredible things. He went on to truly be the rock.

I’ve heard it said that "a saint is a sinner who got up".

Peter reminds me that failure is not final.
He reminds me that I can still accomplish amazing things.
He reminds me that there are ups and downs.

We walk on water and we sink with fear.
We step up with a sword in hand and we deny our friends.
We can weep in the darkness of night and still have breakfast with Jesus on the beach.


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