The Little Things

It really does come down to the little things, doesn’t it? The unexpected. The unnoticed until they’re missing.

• That call from a long lost friend
• The right environment for a party
• Hanging out with no agenda
• Picking up the check
• The unexpected 246 pound 9 year old that stops by the office

That’s the pooch in the picture. His owner brought him by the office last week. That was one of the little things that happened. It brought fun and life to the office and even though he was only there a few minutes the environment was energized for a long time after he left.

What was one of the little things that happened to you last week? If you don’t take the time to notice them, you may miss them.

What’s something little you can do for someone this coming week?



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2 responses to “The Little Things

  1. Thrice as nice. What I will do is bring my three dogs to Krister’s office. Just THINK of the energy that would bring

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