BOOKSneeze Review | The Voice, New Testament


The Voice is definitely a unique translation. In some ways I found it to be really interesting and in others I was confused by it. Here’s the breakdown…

I really like how it gives you some additional scriptural context and historical background. The additional insights can really deepen your understanding of certain passages. That said, there is a bit of a “key” you need to become familiar with in order for everything to make sense and sink in. I haven’t quite gotten there yet.

The translation of the actual scripture is certainly easier to read than potentially more “traditional” translations like NIV and King James. On the flip side, if you are used to those translations this may seem a bit confusing as well. Then when you add in the supplemental history/background… well, you’re either going to love it or scratch your head and shrug in frustration.

The main thing that I think will keep me reading this version is the additional information, history, and cultural context provided in this translation. It truly does deepen the scriptures and learning experience.

This may seem like a confusing review. I think it all comes down to this: If you are looking for simply a different translation to read, this may or may not be for you. If, on the other hand, you are in search of a different translation that will also provide some additional context for scripture and historical background…well then, scoop this up and enjoy!

* I downloaded and read the e-book edition.


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