Made For It

Daisy is our Golden-doodle. Golden Retriever + Poodle. Two water dogs. Any time we’ve been near water since we’ve had her Michelle wished she was with us so this time…we brought her.

The first trip to the beach she was tentative. Excited but skittish. The next time, better. By the third trip into the water she was at home and loving it! The crazy thing was, even from the first time, you could tell a part of her was loving it – even though she was uncertain. She’s made for the water and deep down, in places she couldn’t even find, she was in a place she was made for doing something she was made to do.

What about you and me? I’m still not sure what I was made to do. Not exactly. I think I get a glimpse here and there. Maybe. Once in a while I feel like there’s a fit…a bell the gets rung…a light that goes on…

Seeing Daisy enjoy the water – something she was made to do – is exciting. She runs, jumps, barks, struts, rolls around in the sand like a nut…she enjoys every single second.

I’m asking myself questions like: What are some things you were made to do? Are you doing them?


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