Shell Game

One of my favorite things to do is walk on the beach looking for shells. Colors, shapes, textures…there’s just something I find very relaxing about it.
It might be because it seems to require the opposite type of perspective that seems to be needed for almost all other areas of life. In other areas (career, relationships, life events, etc) there is a distance that is necessary. Step back, get out a year or two, sleep on it, give them space…everything seems to be about pulling a “Dead Poets Society” and standing on the desk to get a higher vantage point.

Not when you’re looking for shells. You need to focus on each individual shell. On its own. Head down, scanning one by one. Close. Personal. Each trip is different. Each beach, every tide, every day…unique. Just like every shell.

Some things in life do require distance, space, and a new angle. Others require detailed focus and individualized attention. The trick is knowing the difference. Because when you know the difference you get to experience all the beauty of a day at the beach.

So that thing you’re working on…give it space or individual focus?



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2 responses to “Shell Game

  1. “Something of the sense of holiness on islands comes, I think, from this strange, elastic geography. Islands are made larger, paradoxically, by the scale of the sea that surrounds them. The element which might reduce them, which might be thought to besiege them, has the opposite effect. The sea elevates these few acres into something they would never be if hidden in the mass of the mainland. The sea makes islands significant.”
    – Adam Nicolson, Sea Room

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