Know What’s Important

I got home from work to find dinner almost ready. We were having spaghetti and Michelle mentioned to Ryan that we could use some of his basil (from a VBS project) to season the sauce.

Me helping Ryan turned into a sort of intense thing for a second. I thought he was excited about having his stuff put in the sauce. I. Was. Wrong. The look on his face at one point quickly told me that. The important thing for him was actually doing it himself. All of it. Cutting the leaves off the plant, cutting them smaller and mixing them into the sauce. Himself. All of it. Once I knew that, the whole experience changed! I got the chair over by the stove and he did his thing.

I almost missed it. I almost made him miss it. If we don’t know what’s important to the people around us (home, work, community – anywhere) we’ll all miss it. The experience won’t be the same. No one grows. No learning. Less fun.

Find out what’s really important. Life tastes better that way.


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