When To Shift Gears

“Leadership instinct is the discernment to know when to stay up above it and when to get down in it.”

That quote by Steven Furtick has been on my mind for awhile. That’s a fine line, isn’t it? When am I with the team, on the sales floor, going after the goals too vs when am I leading the team while developing the clients of tomorrow? Knowing how and when to shift gears is crucial.

It reminds me of the scriptures encouraging us to be in the world yet not of the world. There’s discernment involved in shifting those gears too.

What about our other relationships? Family, friends, whatever the scenario. When are we in the trenches, shoulder to shoulder and when are we already on the next level calling them to rise up?

Discernment seems to require both – the experience of being down in it coupled with the strategy of the way forward. Otherwise, how do you know when to switch gears?

I’m still working through that quote. What about you? Has a quote got you thinking lately? Tell us about it…


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