Obedience Trumps Sacrifice

The pastor this morning crushed it. One of the things I’ve really been thinking about all day is when he discussed why he said the Lord values obedience over sacrifice. I’m paraphrasing, but the idea is:

The Lord values obedience over sacrifice because when we obey what we sacrifice is our own will.

When Saul was confronted with his sins he responded by trying to save face. I’ve done that. When David was confronted with his sins he begged for a clean heart and a renewal. I’ve done that too. The one continues to cause destruction. The other brings healing. One is still about me. The other is about Him.

We don’t like surrender much, I think. We seem to think of it in a defeated, white flag kind of a way. And then to suggest that obedience is a surrendering of our will we put it in childish terms and minimize it. But have you ever looked into the face of a child truly trying to obey? I have seen a power in the eyes of my sons that I envy in those moments when they want to do their own will and they war and battle within themselves to simply obey.

We praise leadership. We esteem free thinkers and risk takers. None of this is necessarily wrong. But I want to explore something. I want to value and honor and praise – and seek out and hold up as an example – obedience. Because in the end, the only thing I really control…I mean really…is my own will.

What do you think?


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