BOOKsneeze Review | Empty Promises by Pete Wilson


I should probably just admit up front I’m a fan of Pete Wilson’s writing style. I like his delivery in his first book, "Plan B" and I like it in this one. He weaves Scripture with real life examples and mixes thoroughly with his thoughts, expertise, and experiences. I find it all to be inspiring, incredibly practical, and immediately applicable. At various points it’s helped me process the past, in others it’s added insight and endurance to the present, and still others have helped prepare me for the future.

"Empty Promises" covers a wide range of false promises that plaque us all. Everything from power and money to approval, religion, and even our own dreams and aspirations – 12 empty promises in all. He does such a good job of covering all the angles. if you haven’t been lead astray by one of these promises i can almost guarantee that someone close to you has.

Here’s an insight from the chapter on power:
While discussing the surrender that is necessary and citing the scriptural examples of Daniel and Jesus Psalm 46:10 is referenced – "Be still and know that I am God." We learn that the Hebrew word for "be still" has a literal meaning of "let go". The verse is really telling us to be still and let go. Let go of our desires to control, gain power, and control outcomes. Be still. And let go. We are not God.

"Empty Promises" is one of those books that can help you process, heal, prepare, inspire, learn, and grow.


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