8 Thoughts From An 8 Mile Run

I consider myself a third generation “Gump”. More on that at another time. The important thing here is that I also consider myself a novice runner. That said, I’ve got some pretty hefty goals for myself over the next several months. Also, more on that later. What I mean is, an 8 mile run is a big deal for me. It’s just not the norm.

I don’t know about you but the voices in my head do weird things if you put them under a bit of pressure and give them tons of time to talk amongst themselves. You know, like an 8 mile run.

So anyway, the point is, here’s 8 thoughts I had during this 8 mile run:

Mile 1: Wow. I pretty much can’t breathe. Who does this whole early morning run thing anyway? Olympians and Navy SEALS. I’m neither.

Mile 2: Hey that’s cool. A bevy of geese flying a perfect V right above me. Bevy? Herd? Plethora? Flock? Flock of Seagulls had that lead singer with the super whack hair, I think. Are those geese pooping?

Mile 3: I’m glad that biker rang the bell so I knew they were there and all, but I better check my shorts. I was in the zone for a minute there.

Mile 4: Funny, when I put on my socks I noticed a couple purple toe nails. I don’t remember painting my toe nails purple.

Mile 5: I’m glad the runner gaining on me fired his snot rocket while he was still back there and not while he was passing. That could get awkward.

Mile 6: I’m too old for this.

Mile 7: Can’t. Breathe. Need. Coffee.

Mile 8: Are we there yet? I wonder if those geese made it to Florida. Is this a runners high or am I just dehydrated? Is Tutti Frutti open at 7:50am? Did I paint my toe nails? Oh wait. Coffee’s at home. I gotta go.

The truth is I was all kinds of psyched about finishing 8 miles. I followed it up by being tired and grumpy all day. My family loved it. (I actually think it wasn’t as much the run as it was the chronic sleep deprivation from watching the Olympics every night until the wee hours for the last two weeks.)

I was actually struck by another thought too: I was able to get up this morning and go for a run. I had a car to take me there, the time to do it, and the health to see it through. After hearing some of the life stories of the Olympians it kind of makes me think. While I am proud of the accomplishment, I’m also thankful for the opportunity and everything involved with seizing that opportunity.

What about you? What’s something you’re thankful for? – or – What goes through your mind while running?


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