It wasn’t planned. I couldn’t have planned it if I wanted to. But it happened. A weekend full of firsts.

• A friend from college ran his first marathon on Saturday.

• A local friend competed in his first triathlon.

• I fully ran a 10 miler as part of my training program for a pending half marathon.

• A close friend took their first art course – just for fun.

• My 65 year old father in law ran his first marathon on Sunday.

That’s lots of firsts. Preparation. Planning. Goal setting. Doing the work. Taking the step. Making the move. Flipping the switch. Jitters. Wondering. Questioning. Determination. Practice, rework, practice, do it again. Say your prayers and take your vitamins, Hulkamaniacs (Yep. I fit snugly in that age demographic.)

It was just surprising to me how many firsts there were. And how many involved the trigger statement of, “I’ve just always wanted to…”

What have you always wanted to do?



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4 responses to “Firsts

  1. Good reminder that sometimes the only thing that stops us…is us.

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