I’ve Lost Something

On April 1, 2012 I started to take some things seriously. I went through withdrawal, whined and complained, threw fits, and was basically a total jerk. Why? They were messin’ with my food!

I had to get my diet and exercise, or lack thereof, under control.

After talking with Michelle and my Mother-In-Law, doing some research, and talking with some other family and friends I developed an eating plan that I knew I could easily manage and learned it. Then stuck with it.

I got back on the Gump plan and just started run-ning. Building up distance, speed, and intensity. I had actually started running just before Christmas of 2011, but since the focus and diet were non existent, so were the results. My Father-In-Law is a big inspiration in this arena so I fed on that a little bit too. (In mid-September he ran his first marathon at 65 years old!)

Well here we are in October. This past weekend I ran 12 miles as part of my training for a half marathon I’m running in just under 2 weeks. But something is missing. I’ve Googled myself silly trying to find a picture of what’s missing. Nothing. Then today…gold.

This has never been about a specific number. I did want to lose weight but the true goal was health, fitness, and caring for myself via a healthy lifestyle. This can’t be temporary. There’s too much at stake.

That said, my last weigh in was about a week ago. At that point I had lost 47 pounds.

The picture I mentioned? It’s here. That’s Ryan. He’s 5 and weighs 48 pounds. I’ve basically lost one of my kids.

I’ve been working on eating right and training for a half marathon. What have you been working on and how’s it going?



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2 responses to “I’ve Lost Something

  1. Lisa Erdman

    i have a kid to lose too….carson, 36 lbs. you’re giving me some serious inspiration here. 6 months & you’ve lost 47 lbs? unbelievable. way to go!

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