Leave Your Mark

Reaching the furthest point on the trail you’ve seen, then turning around and doing it again.

Packing it all up in a box and taking it down the street just to unpack it and do it all over again.

Pulling the awards off the wall and starting from scratch.

Beating cancer. Living your dream of fighting fires. Finding out the cancer is back.

Having surgery. Again. And again.

Losing someone you love.

There are moments that mark us. They leave scratches, stitches, bruises, and scars. This is life. Things happen.


We can mark moments too. It doesn’t always have to be us receiving the mark. We need to be giving them…leaving them, too.

It’s not about vengeance. It’s about living. It’s not about what happens to us; it’s about our response. Sure, there are times to turn the other cheek and be patient. But there are also times to get back up and take another swing. There are times to bring a knife to a gun fight. There are times that we need to look the dragon in the eyes and draw our sword even while the smoke and fire spews between his fangs.

It’s not about control. We don’t really have any in the first place. Except…we control us. I control me. I can go Ghandi and be the change I want to see. I can go William Wallace and use my last breath to scream “freedom” while they literally pull the life out of me.

What moments are marking you? More importantly, what moments are you marking?


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