“Cold” should be spelled with a “Q” because it makes me want to quit.

The app on my phone showed “34.9 degrees. Feels like – – degrees.” As soon as I saw it I had all kinds of ideas on how to fill in those blanks.

I hate running in the cold. My whole nasal facial region becomes a festering boil of a hot mess. I can’t stand it. Its disgusting and gross and pretty much a case of the grumpypants is bound to ensue. (I said grumpypants. We have kids. It’s fine.) I hate it with an epic and grandiose hate.

Nothing makes it harder for me to hit the streets then knowing it’s cold. Nothing makes it easier to procrastinate. I’m pretty good with excuses. It’s a trick I do. It’s one of my skills (of which there are many, and yes, they are mad.) In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s sitting on the cusp of a super power. So during the run my inner monologue is having a field day with all the reasons to stop, pull the plug, and quit acting a fool up in here with all this cold nastiness snottyface business.

2013 is going to be huge. I need to keep running through the winter and this whole quitting business is part of it. I have to train my head and heart (soul, spirit, will, that whole inner being thing) by consistently doing the thing that always makes me want to quit.

This is just running though. I have other goals, plans, hopes, and dreams. Maybe I need to find things in those aspects of life that make me want to quit and take those on too. Or maybe not. It’s cold out there.

“Cold” should be spelled with a “Q” because it makes me want to quit. So I run anyway. How do you spell “quit” and what are you doing to overcome?



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2 responses to ““Cold” should be spelled with a “Q” because it makes me want to quit.

  1. I feel you brother.. Melissa and I both are soft when it comes to winter running, maybe even me moreso than she. We both committed to keeping up on winter runs this year. Being in Indy, rather than further north where we came from, the weather is a bit less snow prone, and the running pathways around us are groomed to be clear. So really, the rest is now up to us.

    And you’re right, it’s always easier to push it off than to keep at it. I can’t let the cold (at least the cold we have around here- Anchorage may be different) get in the way of at least a short three miler or so.

    So, I guess #remoterun needs to be #IRunWinter soon. 🙂

    Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

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