Thanksgiving Weekend Stuff

I don’t know if they’re traditions or not. I mean, how does something officially become a tradition? Is there an application process? Some sort of vote? Is there a difference between a tradition and a holiday habit? I can’t keep up…

• The infamous “kids table”.

• A “Thanksgiving Tree”. This takes a slightly different form each year. This year it’s a string of leaf pattern paper cut into circles with something we’re thankful for on the back.

• At some point during the weekend we’ll take turns with the conch. Or the small little albino pumpkin thing with “thanks” written on it. We pass it around the table and share things we’re thankful for, funny stories, and sometimes memories from this year or thoughts for the coming year.

• A plethora of pies. This year it was chocolate, peanut butter, pecan, and pumpkin cheesecake. They switch up a little every year.

Rumor has it that 34th Street in Hampden gets lit tomorrow night. Maybe a trip there will turn in to a thing too. You never know.

What are some of the things that make your Thanksgiving familiar?


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