The Funny Thing About Doors

The funny thing about doors is that they open and close. It’s what they do.
Tonight as I leave work I will close the door, just like any other night. Three years ago today, exactly, I opened the door with this company.

Monday morning I will open a new door, with a new company.

The last three years have been incredible. I marked moments and was marked by moments. And people. Doors opened and closed within the company. I lead and was part of three fantastic teams. I had three different direct supervisors and was on three unique management/leadership teams. Learning, wins, losses, growth…all of it. Everything.

I’ll close the door tonight, but I think I’ll leave it open just a crack. We need each other from time to time. And on Monday…on Monday I’m swinging that new door wide open!

What doors have you been opening and closing lately?



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4 responses to “The Funny Thing About Doors

  1. JP

    Good luck my friend! I wish you the best of luck! Shoot me an email some time!

  2. Exciting times man! Congrats on entering your new season!!!

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