Every Decision Matters

The goal was to run a half marathon in under 2 hours. The result: 1 hour, 59 minutes, 58 seconds.

2 seconds.

That was the margin. That was the gap. That was the “time to spare.”

That bathroom break I thought I needed, those extra few steps I was tempted to walk after a water station, that other bathroom break that may have been a good idea at the time… Any of those could have cost me the time I trained for. Any of those could have been the difference between “under two hours” and “two hours and change”.

Would that have been the end of the world? In this case, big picture, no. But change the setting, use a different situation, and you never know. Small decisions in relationships can add up. A slight shift in our path now can create a huge distance later.

Think it through. Where is this going to go? Hit fast forward, what will the end result of this decision be? We can take this too far and over think things, but the truth is little decisions can have a huge impact so give it some thought. It may help you accomplish a goal. It may save you from wasting time and missing the mark. It may help you live the life you want instead of constantly asking “how did I end up here?”

What “little” decisions do you need to think through a little better?

“We have to want what our wants lead to.” – Pat Goodman


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