Your Smile…

It’s Christmas Eve 2012, but it looked nothing like our “traditional” night before Christmas.

Some job changes and the opportunity to celebrate Christ’s birth at a service on the 23rd gave us something we haven’t had in a very long time: the entire day together on Christmas Eve.

At one point we found ourselves channeling the classic “A Christmas Story”…sans the Bumpus’s hounds and Peking duck…come to think of it there were no similarities. Anyway, we had linner at Pei Wei because Michelle and I both found Pad Thai to be in order. (And yes, linner. It’s the meal after lunch but before dinner. It’s also pre-geriatric hour so linner is usually eaten prior to 4pm. I digress.)

For most of our meal we were the only customers they had. We enjoyed that. The ability to just be together. The fortune cookies were fitting and hilarious. I think this one in particular nails it:

“Your smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight.”

Smile this Christmas. Someone may need that. Enjoy the smiles of others. You may need that.

Merry Christmas!


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