The Fit

At one point in my dad’s career he decided to make a transition. While he was interviewing and going through the candidate process he delivered the messages that were the most on his heart (he was in ministry). These were also a series of messages that had earned him a bit of heat. (Turns out preaching on the subjects of pruning and moderation during the ’80’s was a bit excessive for some.) Years later I found out he lead with those messages because he was really searching for the right fit in his next position. He wanted to start off on the same page and heading the same direction.

I remembered this recently when I was given a compliment by a supervisor. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I was under consistent pressure to lead via threats; to motivate via corrective action. This just doesn’t fit with how I believe you drive and motivate a team of individuals to reach ever higher levels of success. (For those of you not familiar with a sales/production environment, stay with me.) When I was interviewing I made coaching and motivation a part of the conversation. I was looking for the right fit. Based on the compliment I received after being on the job for a bit, I’ve found that fit.

It seems that the only constant is change. It also seems that if we find the best fit as often as we can things just work better. It’s not about fighting change or being right or trading up. It’s about doing what you were made to do in the best way possible at the time.

How do things “fit” for you right now?


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