Doubled Down. #NameItAndClaimItBaby Are You Ready For This?

This stuff just got real.

I put my money where my mouth is and completed registration for the Maryland Double! If you aren’t familiar with that here’s how it works:

1) Run the half marathon at the Frederick Running Festival in May.

– AND –

2) Run either the half or full marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival in October.

You do that, they give you this (or something like it):

I went all in. I registered and paid for the half in Frederick and the full in Baltimore! The year of #NameItAndClaimItBaby continues! I’ve run the half at the Baltimore Running Festival twice before: once in 2009 with my father-in-law (a first for each of us) and once last year (2012). My goal in 2012 was to complete it in under 2 hours. I made that goal by 2 seconds. Literally. You can read about 2009 here and 2012 from different angles here and here. I’ve never run in the Frederick Running Festival before, but after working out there for a year (previously, not currently) I’m looking forward to the experience. It’s a pretty cool town and the runs are all through the historic downtown area.

Ran in to Greg Rittler after 2012!

Ran in to Greg Rittler after 2012! He just finished the marathon in under 4 hours only to do it again a few weeks later at the Marine Corps Marathon!

Jon Likakis made the trip downtown in 2012 to see if I made it out alive!

Jon Likakis made the trip downtown in 2012 to see if I made it out alive!

The major challenge for the year, physically? Running my first full marathon. I’ve got lots of people in my life who have crossed the finish line of that accomplishment. I’m glad I can learn from their experiences!

Goals for the year of #NameItAndClaimItBaby –
• Run the Maryland Double
• Complete the half in under 2 hours with a bigger margin. (Shooting for a pace in the 8:30 range.)
• Complete the full, my first, in under 4 hours. (Training plan includes driving the pace down closer to 8.)

The kick off event? Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5k on 3/10! After that, it’s like they said that one time in “Rudy”: “No excuses. Do the work.”

What are you claiming this year? Tell us about the journey…


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