#NameItAndClaimItBaby – It’s not just for running…

So here’s the deal:

I’ve been rattling on about this whole #NameItAndClaimItBaby thing as it relates to running – picking up speed, achieving new distances, etc. But it’s bigger than that. I just talk the most about running related stuff because it’s easy. Some of the stuff I’m “claiming” this year is deeply personal and therefore will not see the pages of the interwebs. Some of it is professional and since I work in a heavily regulated industry I generally don’t talk about work type stuff online unless it’s in wide, general terms. That said…

Some of the professional items on my #NameItAndClaimItBaby list for 2013 relate to obtaining certain certifications. In most cases this involves outside class pre-work, class room training, a practice (or certification) exam, then the actual state or federal exam that will earn you the appropriate license or certification. All that and I generally don’t sit still very well. It’s not one of my skills.

This week I spent four days on nine hour virtual lockdown completing class room training requirements. Yesterday, I passed the practice exam so I’m certified legit to take the state exam! That’s some #NameItAndClaimItBaby sauce right there! This year is one big bubbling pot of that stuff!

I don’t care what it is or where in life it fits: business, personal, spiritual, physical, whatever… Is there anything that you’re focused on this year? Anything you’ve already taken hold of in your mind and now you’re doing the work? Tell us about it and/or drop a big ol’ #NameItAndClaimItBaby on it!

Bobby Knight said a lot of things. Most of them pretty colorful. This one though, is pure gold: “Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.”

Go do the work.


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