Smiles and Coffee

Today I find myself working in a retail client facing position. That’s great. I love working with people and it’s a part of my job so it’s good that I enjoy it. That said, most of my client time is spent working with business clients in a whole different set of systems. When you couple the fact that I’m fairly new to the organization with the fact that I don’t spend much time using this certain set of systems you get the opportunity for hilarity. And a little stress.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? You know what needs to happen but you aren’t totally sure how to make the system do what you want. I think there’s two things you need in situations like this.

Smiles and coffee.

Smiles are good for the client. Have fun, be happy, enjoy the process. You may be surprised how far a smile can get you.

Coffee? That’s for me. I like it. Maybe your thing isn’t coffee. The point is to find something that you enjoy so you go into the situation relaxed and comfortable.

Whatever you’re doing today I hope you smile and have plenty of coffee.

What helps you make it through situations where you aren’t 100% confident?


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