A New Leaf. Life. I Mean, Shamrock.

shamrock2013I’m running the Shamrock 5k in Baltimore again this year and I’m pretty excited about it. Yeah, yeah, it’s a really fun course and the energy around this run is ridonkuluss; but it’s more than that. This year is a lot different for me in so many good ways. Do you like bullet points? I like bullet points. Here’s just a few ways it’s different:

• More Sleep – Last year I rolled in on about 3 hours sleep from working the night before, chugged a 5Hour Energy and got my Irish on. God provided a way out of that stage of things in the time between events!

• Less Fatty Fat – I’ve lost somewhere between 45 and 50 pounds since early 2012. Since my focus is healthy eating habits and regular exercise the number isn’t critical for me, but it can be an easy barometer for progress. I feel better in so many ways and the exercising of self discipline in this area has helped me correctly use more in other areas too. I can get a little cray cray with the “all or nothing” bunk from time to time so appropriate leveraging of self control and moderation is good for me.

• Need For Speed – Last year my goal was to make it across the finish line under my own power. I didn’t care if I had to crawl or log roll, I just didn’t want to be dragged by friends or carried by paramedics. I did it in around 37 minutes (12 something per mile). Here we are a year later and I’m not concerned about the distance. I’m also hoping to pop the 25 minute mark. For me, that is a huge step forward. Do the work, be as consistent as possible, learn from and about suffering, and you just might surprise yourself.

• No Shame In The Game – I was carrying a lot of shame last year. Maybe shame isn’t the right word. Insecurity. Uncertainty. Some residual fear. Maybe some combination of all that. I don’t know, but none of them rhyme with “game” so there it is. At any rate, whatever it was, It was heavy. The voices in my head made it hard to enjoy seeing people I knew. People who were actually supportive and kind. But those pesky negative voices… That’s gone this year.

It really all comes down to this: God is amazing. I once was lost… I’m not here to argue beliefs. If you see things differently, that’s fine. I’m just telling a piece of my story. It happens to touch on the part where all was almost lost. One of those chapters we’d like to rewrite. But that’s what God is doing now. Writing. Amazing grace…

Today I will run to celebrate the life God has redeemed and given back to me. And I will have FUN doing it!

Are there any events you participate in that help you mark moments and see progress?


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