Judas, Peter, and Jesus

Both betrayed their friend
Both lied
Both broke promises
Both severed trust
Both felt terrible afterwards
One found a way to see past his sins
One could see beyond the current muck
One believed in love
One held tight to hope
One accepted forgiveness
One took the next awkward step
One did not
We find the other swayed by the breeze
We find the other with his hope scattered in the grass beneath his feet We find the other unable to see beyond himself
The price remained the same
The cost wasn’t adjusted
The ransom was not renegotiated
The price for each was the same as the price for all
All of Him
Our guilt
Our shame
Our fears and unbelief
He bought that too in one permanent, non-refundable transaction Peter messed up and stayed in the game
Judas messed up and gave up
Jesus bought them both
We want the glory of resurrection without the gore of crucifixion It doesn’t work that way
We get them both because He bought them both
It doesn’t feel like a good Friday
But it is
It is a good Friday, indeed.


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