April?! No Foolin’. #NameItAndClaimItBaby

It’s April?! Naw. I don’t believe it. And yet, it’s true. So the first quarter in the year of #NameItAndClaimItBaby is behind us. Where are we at?

• First chunk of professional licensing = done.
• Progress on the reading list for this year = on track.
• PR at the Shamrock 5k? Nope. I learned a valuable lesson about my own progress through some weirdo social stuff related to shame from past choices and I had an awesome time in a community of friends. I’m claiming that as a win.
• Training for the half marathon at the Frederick Running Festival = under way. (This will be the first part of the Maryland Double.)
• Various person/relational subjects = also under way and moving the right direction.

Is there anything you’re trying to gain momentum on this year? How’s it going?

Also, that medal on the left will be my proof of progress toward the Maryland Double. I’ll pick it up after running 13.1 miles on May 5th.

Name it and claim it, BABY!


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