“What time is it in the world?” #NameItAndClaimItBaby

“What time is it in the world?”

It was 4 o’clock in the morning on race day when I got up, faced north and, real subtle like, turned left. I ran the half marathon at the 2013 Frederick Running Festival as Phase 1 of completing the Maryland Double this year. Next up, my first full marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival in October. I had a great race and an even better experience in Frederick! Interested in some random thoughts? Here you go:

• Getting up at 4 in the morning is similar to a Nancy Grace rant; painful and annoying.

• The lady I parked next to tied some balloons to her antenna. At first I thought it was a creative way to find her car later. Then the coffee kicked in and the sun came up. Blue and yellow. Her tribute to Boston.

• Also in recognition of Boston, singing “Sweet Caroline” at the start. (Not by myself! That would be ludicrous.)

• The sunrise service held by a local church. They crushed it. Great set of songs and the pastor nailed it with some thoughts about preparation and training from a passage related to running. (He and his son were both running the half.) I needed this. Church One’s first weekend service was the same morning and I felt a bit disconnected.

• Lots of little hills can be just as tiring as a few huge ones.

• The harder you train, the more you can actually enjoy the event.

• There was a wheel chair competitor that will stick in my mind. Not a race chair. A wheel chair. Hospital general issue. I dare you to take him on. 3:30 is the time to beat and you’ll have to wait in line for a picture with him. Truly Inspiring.

• I cannot explain the humbling power of having Army soldiers from the nearby base delivering medals to each finisher. They looked you square in the eyes, placed the medal around your neck, “Congratulations. Well done, sir.” … “Congratulations. Nice job, ma’am.” … “Congratulations…” Are you kidding me?! Moving and humbling.

• I left Michelle and TheBoys a note on the chalkboard before I left. It was awesome that they celebrated by writing me notes on it for when I got home!

“What time is it in the world?!”

October 2012 = 1:59:58
May 2013 = 1:53:59

I know how much work it takes to shave 6 minutes off your total time. I need to shave more time and double the distance.

“What time is it in the world?!!”


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