#IMARUNNER | #NationalRunningDay | Hey @TimexSports Help A Guy Out? –>

It seems that Timex is running a contest for National Running Day, and I want in! What happened since I started running seriously?

• I lost 50 pounds
• Dropped from a tight size 38 to 34ish
• Improved from a 13+ minute mile for like, literally 1 mile to an 8:45 mile over a half marathon • Improved confidence, mood, health, etc
• Improved self discipline in other areas of my life including proper diet

All this and more, timed with my trusty Timex in the picture. What do ya say, Timex? Upgrade me?

Oh, and the time on the watch in the picture? 2 miles last night. That’s the pace I want when I run my first marathon on 10/12/13 here in Baltimore. It sure would awesome to clock that run on a Timex I win today!

It’s probably pretty obvious what I hope Timex does today. What are you doing for National Running Day?


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