Lessons From A Flat Tire

It was a normal work day morning… Actually it was a pretty nice one. Sun shining, mild temps, no traffic to speak of so I was on time as I headed to work. All of a sudden the bass line in the song sounded different. Then the steering got a little tricky. Flat. Tire.

In the two weeks that followed I learned some things and observed some things. I’ll be sharing a few of them in a short-ish series.

The first thing I learned had to do with watching.

Someone is always watching: I pulled off the road, called work, and started getting ready to put on the spare tire. I was wearing a suit but the weather was mild so let’s get to it. Then a yellow state highway truck pulled up and the first thing the driver said was, “I saw you…”

In this case it’s part of his job. The truth is, lots of people saw me. Many people watched. In other settings we are watched all the time too. Think about it: spouse, children, friends, people you know in the community, coworkers, those you oversee, those who oversee you, people in other departments…always with the watching.

We like to think we do things in private. We don’t. Not really. If it’s true that actions speak louder than words; if there’s truth in a “show me don’t tell me” mentality; what are the things we do saying? Because someone is always watching.

If you watched a silent movie of yourself on a normal day, what would it say about you?


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