16 Miles And No Picture?!

I bit off more than I could chew and ended up with a mouth full of lessons. I think it tasted like chicken. Obviously.

I’m in the early stages of training for my first marathon. I ended up with back to back mornings where I had enough time to double up long runs. So me and my love of moderation over did it just a smidge.

Monday I did 10 miles and Tuesday I did 16. I did in two runs what I will do in one on October 12th, 2013. On both days it was 75 degrees and humid at the start and 90ish and humider and the end. (Humider. Work with me.) Suffering is a great instructor.

• Those gel thingys. I need ’em. Anything above 8 or 10ish, I do better with them.

• Time to figure out that whole water bottle on the move thing. Double clutching the Deer Park isn’t cutting it anymore, folks.

• Hearing your stomach growl in the middle of a long run is sort of a primal thing. I considered taking down a biker. You know, the one lagging behind the group. Then I remembered that I should have brought those wonderful caffeinated gel thingys and I came back to civilization. In my head.

• Must. Train. Harder. I knew running that far this early in the training cycle would not end with awesome results. That said, I got a glimpse of how hard I have to train in order to enjoy the race. A glimpse.

• That whole “buy your shoes a half size bigger” thing. Yeah. Don’t mess that up, Blister Boy.

• Chaffing. If I say more it’ll trigger spam for the next decade.

• In spite of all the technicalities that I didn’t like or do well with, the bottom line is this: I spent more time traveling the furthest distance I ever have. That’s a win.

• Rule Number 1: Always make it home. (Or to V.B.S. To pick up your kids. I did both.)

No matter how far you go, I hope you learn something and find a win. And make it home. Always make it home. Oh, and I found the 8 mile marker on the trail and didn’t get a picture. Darn it.

What have you been learning lately?


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