Pacing And Rest

I took this picture during a moment of calm while Michelle and I had TheBoys out on a fishing trip.

The funny thing is, the trip was a total blast and not nearly as calm as this picture would have one believe.

Marathon training has taught me a lot about pacing. One lesson is how to find a moment of rest even while running.

Rest doesn’t always mean a complete stop. Rest can be relative. Rest can have more to do with effort and less to do with actual motion.

For a moment, in the middle of a highly active weekend, there was no effort. The “stride” was even. The breathing wasn’t labored.

There have been times I’ve held down multiple jobs, sometimes including night shifts on top of full time day jobs. Living in a state of sleep deprivation requires a certain pacing as well. It requires finding moments of rest just to make it from shift to shift. It can take extreme effort to engage in relationships or community, so moments of rest are necessary; periods of less effort, even while moving, are necessary and beneficial.

I tend to be extreme an think that rest requires hours of extra sleep or a full on vacation. I’m learning that pacing and rest work together throughout life. I’m learning that moments of less effort can be just what we need to keep going.

How do you pace yourself?


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