3 Lessons From 20 Miles

I’m training for my first marathon so I recently completed my first ever 20 miler. Here’s 3 things I learned.

1) I’m having a hard time regulating my pace over the long haul. I need to work on that. Running slow to gain distance and running faster to pick up overall speed. I need to work on both: speed and distance.

2) The occasional walk/run combo is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s about finishing the distance.

3) There are numerous variables involved in distance runs. Dozens. Don’t over think it. Just do the work.

Sounds like life doesn’t it?

We need to do some things immediately and we need to do some things gradually, one step at a time.

We need to remember that sometimes, things happen. We slow down or we are slowed down. It may not all be in our control. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we make a strategic choice to slow down, and sometimes we simply have no choice in the matter. The important thing is that we keep going. We may even come to a complete stop. At some point though, we need to keep going down the road. The finish line is still out there.

Work. Work hard. There is no improvement, there is no growth, there is no progress… In fact, I challenge you to find anything of substance and value that is possible without hard work. Do the work and the race will take care of itself.

What are you learning?


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